Body Lotions

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At Insanity we are all about feeling good in your own skin! Our kind-to-skin formulas will ensure your skin gets the best care and nourishment to provide the perfect smooth base for tan application. From our tans to our body lotions, our formulas are hypoallergenic and kind to all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

Insanity Body Lotion:

Insanity Body Lotion is infused with anti-ageing & antioxidant rich white tea extract, soothing aloe vera and healing Essential Oil of Lavender. This lotion is DHA free, so it is perfect for nourishing and soothing your skin after each shower. 

Insanity Body Glow:

Insanity Body Glow is a nourishing body moisturiser that will help you build a gorgeous glow. Like our body lotion, body glow is infused with anti-ageing & antioxidant white tea extract & aloe vera to sooth your skin, but also includes DHA to provide a gradual tan. We recommend using body glow to build a subtle glow or to extend the life of your tan. 


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